Why Does My Home Keep Getting Ants, Again and Again?

Have you been dealing with ants who have invaded your home over and over again? We sure know what it’s like to deal with the common recurrence of ants and other types of pests. With ant pest control, you can help alleviate those concerns while getting rid of those annoying ants and pests.

As they say at Pinnacle Termite Pest Control, “The best way to control ants and other pests is to get them at their source of what attracts them to your home.” Homeowners today have greatly questioned why ants and pests keep reappearing in this first place. 

Today, we’ll discuss three common reasons why ants keep reemerging over and over again and what to do about it.

Ants Love Food That Is Laying Around Your House

One of the most common things that attract ants to your home is the food that lays around your home. Ants are super hungry critters. They’re always looking for food. Once they find a food source, they’ll alert the other ants and bring it back to their colony.

That’s why you want to keep your house clean and get rid of food crumbs from surfaces. One area where ants like to hang around the most is in your kitchen. With that said, you’ll want to pay close attention to pantries and countertops. Wipe down countertops on a regular basis and clean up spills as soon as they happen. 

Taking these measures will help make it less likely that ants won’t bother you or others while in the kitchen. This is especially vital in the warmer months when ants are more common.

Ants Are Attracted To Homes That Look Inviting To Them

Ants aren’t critters that’ll create colonies inside your home as they rely on the outside environment to regulate their bodies. They typically will form colonies outside your home. With that said, there are four common ways ants will enter your home to keep note of.

  • Leaving your door open
  • Having windows that are poorly sealed
  • Gaps under closed doors
  • Cracks (even slight ones) in the foundation

That’s why you want to take steps to address these common entry points for ants. Work to seal any cracks or crevices on windows, doors, and foundations. Also, take steps to keep your door closed as much as you can. It’s also crucial to do quick sweeps of the floor near your doors to check for ants or other pests. 

Taking these steps will greatly reduce any entry points for ants and help keep your home free from them.

Ants Can Be Attracted To Damp And Moist Surfaces

Most ants don’t need much water to survive and can actually get it from their foods. With that said, there are some species of ants that enjoy moist and damp surfaces. That’s especially true when it comes to wood surfaces. You’ll typically find these kinds of ants near cabinets where leaky pipes or sinks are present.

That’s why you’ll need to check on your pipes or sinks to make sure that there are no leaks. You should also check on other things like AC units that may create moisture to ensure you’re not attracting ants.

Ant Pest Control Will Help Keep Ants At Bay From Your Home

Without question, ants can be attracted to your home via different routes. Thankfully, these tips above will help go a long way in helping prevent ants and other pests from entering your home. 

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