Why Do We Love To Eat Spicy Food And Peppers?

Spices can significantly enhance the taste of any dish. Hiring a Mexican food truck for parties to serve some hot and sweet meals is a must-have for spicy food lovers. While many people enjoy the firey taste of spicy food with this, they may not understand just

whywe crave spiciness. It’s like an addiction, the throat heating up, the chest on fire, and the stomach in a furnace. And yet, after all that, we still want more. 

Here’s a brief explanation for why we love spicy food and hot peppers.

We Have Acquired The Taste for Spicy Foods

It is believed by some scientists that spicy foods play an essential role in protecting human beings from pathogenic microorganisms. Spicy foods contain antibacterial and antifungal properties.

While consuming spicy foods may have started anciently as a preventative treatment against sicknesses, it has become a societal norm transferred from one generation to another. 

We Naturally Like the Thrill Brought by Eating Spicy Foods

We have become obsessed with eating spicy foods because of a specific factor that helps reignite a heightened level of pleasure in our bodies. Spices cause the pituitary and the hypothalamus glands to release feel-good chemicals. The chemicals, known as endorphins, are responsible for the thrill we experience after eating spicy foods. 

The body craves anything that stimulates the senses, hence the widespread popularity of spicy foods.

Spicy Food Has Longevity Benefits

Statistics have indicated that including hot peppers in the food – even if it’s just occasionally- impacts an individual’s life. A study conducted by Harvard showed that eating spices reduces the chances of dying from respiratory diseases, cancer, and heart conditions. 

It also indicated that Capsaicin, an element in chili peppers, contains antioxidant, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Capsaicin is the compound responsible for these health benefits.

To Help Increase The Rate of Metabolism in the Body

Studies carried out from across the globe point out that certain spices can help boost the body’s metabolism rates. They include turmeric, chilies, peppers, cumin, and cinnamon. Pepper contains an alkaloid pipeline that boosts metabolism by helping extract nutrients from the food. It also contains phytonutrients which play a significant role in enhancing fat breakdown in the body. 

Food Containing Spices Help in Fighting Body Inflammations

Cayenne pepper helps to stimulate the digestive tract, soothe stomach aches, ease nausea, and help heal ulcers, among others. Some spices contain the ingredient curcumin that plays an essential role in aiding the reduction of inflammation in the body.  Ginger and garlic are also crucial in treating many conditions ranging from autoimmune disorders to arthritis and nausea. 

Get Mexican Food Truck for Parties

So you see, we love spicy food because our ancient ancestors discovered they were healthier when eating hot peppers and spices and passed that knowledge on through the generations until it was fully ingrained into our culture. Indeed, it seems it’s in our DNA to love spicy food! Modern science has revealed why spicy food is so healthy and why we crave it.

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