What Is the Best Time Of Year to Start an Outdoor Garden?

What is your idea of relaxation? For many people, thrusting their hands into the soil, planting seeds, pruning vegetation, and harvesting crops is their idea of heaven on earth. Reaping the bounty of what you planted months before can be quite good for a gardener’s soul. That’s why it is important to understand the best time of year to start a garden.

If you enjoy getting back to nature with a little backyard gardening, you may worry that your planting window has closed. But that is never a foregone conclusion in the gardening world. But first, there are a few things that must be considered before you plant the first seed.

Where Are You Planting Your Garden?

If you live in New England, your planting time-frame will be very different than it would if you lived in Florida or South Texas. The milder climes of the southern region of the United States extend the planting season, but gardeners still must be mindful of growing seasons, harvest times, and other important factors that can affect your crop yield.  The best time of year to start a garden depends on your location and the type of plants you want to grow.

A gardener in Houston can likely plant their seedlings outdoors by mid-March, whereas the green-thumbed guy in Maine will need to wait a couple more months to break ground.

Germinating your seeds indoors and allowing them to sprout on a window sill, under a grow light or just using the artificial and ambient light in the room can also expand your planting window and allow you to get a head start on a summer bumper crop.

What Are You Planting in Your Garden?

If you’re not concerned about planting an edible garden and just want your yard to look lovely, you should head to your local garden center in early fall. After Labor Day, the nurseries and garden centers are getting rid of a summer’s bounty of perennials, bulbs, trees, and shrubs to make room for autumn’s offerings. This is a great time to bargain hunt. 

Gardeners often can dicker with the sellers and score some great deals at farmers’ markets and feed-and-seed outlets. In general, however, the larger, corporate big-box store personnel will have far less authority to make deep discounts. But it never hurts to politely ask for a manager for an end-of-season discount.

Start Planning Your Garden Now

It is never too soon to start planning your next garden. Whether it’s herbs, vegetables or decorative plants, get your green thumbs ready for a season of adventures. The best time fo year to start a garden may vary, but the soil has you covered!

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