To Cook Or Not To Cook: A Rise In Food Delivery

As we all settled in, unknowingly, for the quarantine long-haul, we found new socially distant ways to enjoy life. Everything delivery became high-demand, from grocery delivery to gourmet meals. For USPS and courier workers, every day has felt like Christmas, referring to the endless store boxes overflowing post offices and delivery trucks. Amazon is delivering more than over, hiring over 100,000 more shipping and logistics employees to deal with the surge in orders.

A Boon for Food Delivery

One of the bright spots of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the innovations in no-touch delivery services and solutions. Entrepreneurs have quickly adapted and found ways to provide unique and new experiences in the comfort of people’s homes or backyards. In particular, food delivery has found a new groove. 

The regular services, like pizza and classic delivery foods, felt the boon as delivery and take-out/curbside pick-up orders became 100% of restaurant’s businesses. Many local restaurants and national chains found ways to survive by offering their customer’s favorite menu items for pick-up and delivery. But a new breed of food delivery found its footing in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, personal chefs and gourmet from-scratch chef-to-table food delivery. 

Personal Chef Wanted

As we reminisced and yearned for the days of eating at five-star restaurants, rewarding ourselves after a week of hard work or to serenade our partners with decadent dishes and ambiance, some entrepreneurs were finding ways to recreate these experiences at home. 

“While the world has been struggling with coronavirus, we felt the call to bring something special and some normalcy to people’s lives. Food is so important, it is nourishing and healing. We’re thrilled and blessed with a silver lining. We’re grateful for the demand for personal chef delivery. I think people want to gather their families around the table and be excited about food and loving what they’re tasting.” – Curtis Linton, Chef and Founder of Curious Table

Staying Home and Eating Well

Is this new age of food delivery here to stay? Many people think the no-contact services will remain in high demand or that restaurants will never be the same. As more Americans continue to use online delivery options, business models like UberEats, Grubhub, and the more refined, Curious Table, are reaping the benefits of the “new normal”. 

The next time that someone asks, “how are you handling COVID?” You can tell them, besides face masks and sanitizer, with damn good food. 

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