The Importance Of Being A Family Owned Cleaning Business In Utah

Here in the Beehive State, people are driven with the will to do good for others. Just like the Utah state slogan of “Life Elevated,” business owners here love to make life good for others. The folks at Nature Pro Cleaning are driven to do just that. Their mission is to provide others with at-home comfort. Their home cleaning service in Lehi, Utah is one that helps others make great memories last a lifetime. 

The Perks Of Being A Family Owned Business In Utah

Being a family-owned business here in Utah has its perks that give people a sense of purpose.  At Nature Pro Cleaning, John Warehime and his wife, Julie Warehime run the business together.  From a young age, Julie has been a homemaker at heart, interested in interior design, and she is a natural at staging houses for her family and friends.  During the first part of their marriage, John and Julie felt like they were always on the move – North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Utah – just to name a few.  “Moving that often means only one thing – you become an expert at the one thing no one likes to do, so we first began our own family-based business with the idea of providing moving consultation services and home cleaning,” says Julie Warehime, “soon we were adding our home staging services to the mix.”  

“During our time living in Texas, Julie and I ran a real estate office together,” notes John Warehime.  “We learned a lot from running that business and got to know all the perks of what makes a house a home.”  Together, as a family-owned cleaning business in Utah, this power couple decided to combine all of their personal experiences into a values-based business of all-natural, organic cleaning, moving consultation, and home staging services.

“I believe running a family-based business provides a different sense of hope and future for your family,” John says.  “We have four children. Our older daughters often come to cleaning sites with us where we encourage them to learn about interacting with customers and always putting in your very best effort.”  Julie adds, “As a home-schooling parent, we often utilize our own business as an example for business and math-related courses to help personalize our children’s education experience.”


Tips For Natural Home Cleaning

Nature Pro Cleaning’s home cleaning service in Lehi, Utah is a great example of doing good for others. They achieve that by providing their clients with a fresh, clean home via their natural home cleaning options. Cleaning options that contain chemicals leave your home less clean over time.  Chemicals often attract more pathogens, creating a residue on floors and furniture. This is a big reason why people look towards natural home cleaning options. Natural home cleaning options are better for your health and your home. 

Non-toxic cleaning solutions like Norwex microfiber supplies combined with healthy, anti-bacterial based pure essential oils are more effective at removing dirt and germs. On top of that, no chemicals are used to clean your home via Norwex microfiber products. This gives your home the leg up on having a fresh smell with no toxins present in the air.

For an added perk, include organic essential oils as a natural home cleaning option to help keep your home smelling fresh. These essential oils help add a sense of comfort-giving you ease between Spring cleaning phases. By going with the natural home cleaning, you will rid your home of dirt and germs while you enjoy a clean allergen-free home. As John Warehime puts it, “Think natural and your home will be clean like never before.”

Family Owned Cleaning In Utah Does Good For Others

Being a family-owned business in Utah has many perks. That being said, no perk is bigger than playing a key role in doing good for others. Home cleaning services in Lehi, Utah like Nature Pro Cleaning are no doubt a great example of that. They go the extra mile to achieve results for clients via that sense of purpose to do good for others. 

Businesses like these make Utah one of the top states in the country to do business in. That spirit of digging deep to do good for others is what attracts people to Utah. As John Warehime puts it, “Folks like these are what makes life in Utah truly elevated for sure.”

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