Is Smoked Sea Salt Healthy

There’s no question salt makes everything more delicious. Even most desserts benefit from a touch of salt to help balance out the sweet flavors. Smoked sea salt adds even more layers of flavor to your dishes, but is it healthy? The answer might surprise you.

What is Smoked Sea Salt?

If you’re new to the world of savory gourmet salts, you may not have had the chance to try smoked sea salt yet. Smoked salt is simply salt that has been smoked with any number of aromatic woods. During the smoking process, the flavor of smoke and wood cling to the craggy surfaces of the salt.

Many types of salt can be smoked, but fine crystals like those in table salt don’t’ offer enough surface area to fully take on the delicious, savory flavors smoking can impart.

Sea salt works especially well for smoking. It has a naturally clean taste that makes a great pallet for showcasing a variety of smoky flavors.

Health Benefits of Smoked Sea Salt

Since prehistoric times, people from every part of the world have been using sea salt. Not only is it a kitchen staple, but sea salt is also used to make bath and body-care products like detoxifying scrubs and bath soak mixtures.

The chemical compounds of sea salt are almost identical to table salt. Both are made up mostly of sodium chloride. However, sea salt is minimally processed and retains trace minerals, including iron, calcium, and potassium. Other benefits related to smoked salt include:

Lower Salt Consumption

Granules of smoked sea salt are usually larger than granules of table salt, meaning less salt can fit into a teaspoon. This difference can “trick” people into using less salt without realizing it.

Proper Fluid Retention

Salt is needed to balance blood pressure levels and maintain hydration.

Digestive Support

A lack of salt can lead to low stomach acid. An imbalance of stomach acid can cause heartburn, stomach pain, and other digestive upsets. Including the recommended amount of salt in your diet will help your digestive system function properly.

Support Brain and Nervous System Function

All sources of sodium are needed for proper cell function, but the additional micronutrients found in sea salt may be beneficial.

Vegan Friendly

Smoked salts come in a wide variety of flavors, some of which add a “meaty” savoriness similar to bacon. Using smoked salts as a condiment helps some people stay away from less healthy foods they’re trying to avoid.

Worth Your Salt

Not all smoked salt products are made equally. The flavor experts at Oregano Spices caution consumers about buying products made with chemical smokes and artificial ingredients. These inferior salts often have a sharp or overwhelming flavor that can ruin the taste of your dishes.

Instead, look for smoked salts that have only been treated with real wood and natural ingredients spices. Using mixtures with 100% real ingredients, you’ll enjoy the complex flavors and the health benefits natural sea salt can provide while avoiding any bad lingering tastes or unwanted chemical additives. 

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