Does Eating Spicy Foods Have Health Benefits?

Spicy foods have many benefits to human health. Garlic and chili peppers, among others, are suitable for a healthy diet. That’s why catering services providers, like Taqueria Los Chilangos, have mastered the art of preparing specialty spiced dishes. Los Chilangos has also gone a step ahead to offer Mexican food truck catering services.

Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

If you don’t love spicy foods, you need to train your taste buds to withstand that tingling sensation. Food with a kick aids your digestion, helps you lose excess weight, and boosts your blood circulation, to name a few positive effects. This article digs into some of the health benefits of consuming spicy foods.

Spices Are Good for the Heart

Chili peppers mitigate the adverse effects of low-density lipoprotein (LLD) or bad cholesterol on your body. LLD is the leading cause of fatal heart diseases. Accumulation of LLD along the inner walls of arteries reduces blood flow to vital organs and may cause high blood pressure.

Capsicum, a family of plants that include many chili peppers and bell peppers, is good for fighting inflammation, a predisposing factor to heart problems. Vitamins C and A, which are found in capsicum, help to strengthen heart muscles. The heat of the peppers also improves blood circulation. Consuming capsicum improves the overall health of your heart and reduces your chances of developing high blood pressure.

Helps to Combat Pain and Depression

You have probably tasted chili. The hot sensation it produces helps to calm the nerves.  When you eat pepper, your brain interprets the burning sensation as pain. As a reaction, the brain produces endorphins, which are pain-relieving hormones.

Hormones of the endorphins family, like serotonin, also help with depression and stress. People who consume peppery foods have lower chances of developing anxiety and depression.

Helps to Reduce Weight

 Spices like turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, and hot chiles raise metabolism and reduce appetite. A high metabolism rate helps burn calories, thus reducing weight or chances of becoming obese.

According to research, a third of adults in the US  are obese. Obesity can cause high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Adding healthy amounts of spicy food into a diet is an excellent step towards weight loss goals.

Promotes a Healthy Gut

Fiery foods are suitable for people with sensitive stomachs. Capsaicin increases the production of digestive juices, which in turn speeds up digestion and prevents stomach upsets. Capsicum also promotes the growth of microbiomes in the gut. Microbiomes support the health of the human gastrointestinal tract, and the bacterias help to reduce inflammation in the stomach.

Spice up Your Life with Mexican food truck catering Sevices at Los Chilangos

Eating spicy foods is equal to spicing your life. If you are not used to eating fiery foods, start slow. For example, avoid starting with habanero peppers; they may be too hot, but mild salsa can work for you. Gradually, your taste buds develop a tolerance to the burning taste.

If you want to explore and have fun with spicy foods, place your order at Los Chilangos today. Through their Mexican food truck catering services, you will enjoy your favorite spiced dishes from the comfort of your home or office.

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