Disrupting Common Real Estate Practices in 2020

If there is one lesson to learn in 2020, it is adaptability is paramount. This year has brought about many changes that most of us never dreamed we would ever experience. In fact, we all would have gladly taken a hard pass on these disruptions if it were possible. 

However, the real estate industry, like so many others, has been transitioning online with virtual home search options for quite a few years now. Sites like Zillow and Homie are prime examples of this evolving trend that will eventually involve the entire home-selling industry.

But then came 2020 with its murder hornets and COVID-19 quarantines. Suddenly, far fewer people felt comfortable with opening up their homes for strangers to wander around inside during Open House tours. 

Home-seekers as well are now opening up browser windows instead of residential doors on their quests for the perfect homes for themselves and their families. It’s all part of learning to go with the ebb and flow of life both within the real estate industry and the world at large.

Many Advantages to Virtual Tours

Change can be a positive force, as searching for a home is often a long and exhausting process. Driving from location to location, attending Open Houses where all the home features start to blur together, keeping your expression neutral when a home-seller reveals a deal-killing problem all are stressful — and time-consuming as well.

In contrast, surfing the real estate sites from the comfort of your home while clad in pajamas or while poolside in swim trunks or bikini is infinitely preferable to many prospective homebuyers. Online sites allow you to weed out the clunkers and obvious fails. But, what if the real estate process was made even easier?

Finding the Right Home for Your Family Just Got a Little Easier

Dwellago is flipping the real estate market on its head by matching house sellers to home shoppers. Their online site uses targeted metrics to identify the often nuanced goals of those shopping for homes. It then uses these algorithms to lead these prospective buyers to properties that best fit with their homeownership goals.

The formula works because prospective buyers answer online questions that reveal insights about what they truly want and need in a home. Much like dating sites where your perfect mate may be found, Dwellago can help you find the home of your dreams.

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