Different Ways to Use Mirrors in Interior Design

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what can you do for my home? A mirror is much more than a beauty check or space enlarging illusion. Using mirrors with interior design is a fun and easy way of incorporating a sense of space into the room. Mirrors are one of the most versatile design elements in a modern home, with the ability to accent and blend rooms or draw focus. Here are some intriguing ways to turn a dull room into your favorite room simply by creatively incorporating mirrors.

Using Mirrors With Interior Design: The Almighty Space Creator 

Perhaps almighty is a bit much, but mirrors are the best way to add space when your four walls are closing in on you. The ways mirrors do this are a combination of wonderful qualities. When using mirrors with interior design, consider these qualities:

Size Matters

The smaller the room, the bigger the mirror is needed. To create the desired effect, try placing the mirror in different areas of the room to test the ambiance it creates. For example, if you set a mirror up across from a window it will draw the trees, sky, and more natural light into the room. 

Light Projecting

When you strategically place a mirror, it opens up the room by reflecting the natural light coming from another direction. Bounce some of that good light into your dark corners, you’re home will feel bright, lively, and more spacious. 

Time for Texture

Some mirrors are art pieces in and of themselves. You can also have a mirror positioned on a wall so it’s reflecting and drawing focus upon another art piece or object with an interesting texture. If you have a rustic wooden table or simply a flower vase, let the mirror multiply its lovely effect throughout the room. 

Entryways, Hallways, Mirrors Always

Narrow spaces are a prime opportunity for the magic and introspective reflections of mirrors. If you have a seating area or shoe cubby, a mirror or a set of three small mirrors will make an otherwise underwhelming area of your home stand out and become interesting.

Custom Mirrors Do It Better

In all of these scenarios, the best option is custom mirrors to truly fit your space, and you can’t have custom glass mirrors without glazing. What is glazing? We’re not talking about cakes or pottery, but the actual glass within the mirrors. The glass must be mounted to the frame with glazing putty. Glazing helps with energy-efficiency (for windows) and mold-resistance. A professional glazier is a person you want with your custom mirror projects for quality and safety.

What is a glazier? These glass and mirror specialists can install custom glass in just about anything, making it air-tight and beautiful. Desert Empire Mirror and Glass are the Coachella Valley recommend above all else, “Make sure to find your regional experts when it comes to custom glass mirrors and glazing. Work with a professional for the best results.”

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