Antibacterial & All-Natural Cleaning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

All-natural cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a problem for both homes and businesses. Everybody is deeply concerned about keeping their home and business environments as germ-free as possible. Just the same, you don’t want everything to smell like a chemical factory, either. Here’s what Nature Pro Cleaning says you need to know about natural cleaning processes and the use of essential oils during the viral outbreak.


What Kind of Green All-Natural Cleaning Methods Are Effective Against the Virus?

Nobody is 100% certain about the durability of the novel coronavirus outside of the human body, so the CDC has recommended that people clean and disinfect surfaces and fabrics in their environment regularly. The goal is to remove as many germs as possible.


Ordinary heat can be one of the best ways to target the virus in your surroundings. All-natural cleaning and non-toxic leaning methods that use steam or hot water can destroy the virus and get deep into areas where other cleaning methods can’t go.


How Are Essential Oils Useful Against the Virus?


It’s no accident that people associate the smell of lemons, lavender, or mint with cleanliness. Essential oils made from those plants (and others) have been used for centuries for their antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal, and bactericidal properties. 


Most modern cleaning products use chemicals that merely recreate these scents, rather than true essential oils. Their purpose of adding a “clean” scent is just to mask the noxious fumes that many cleaning products produce. When you use a non-toxic cleaning process, however, there are no odors to mask — and essential oils can be freely used for all their benefits.


John Warehime of Nature Pro Cleaning says, “You don’t need harsh, toxic chemicals to protect your home and office from COVID-19. Non-toxic cleaning methods using water, heat, and essential oils can effectively eliminate germs and bacteria just as well as chemical cleaning agents, without harming your environment, leaving behind smelly residues or aggravating allergies.” 


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